Friday, August 25, 2017

The Marae Trip


  1. Hey Rylee! i really liked how you made this clear and clean so we could see what you wrote. I also liked how you did dark on light colours instead of light on light. it reminded me of when i did my poster about if animals should be kept in the zoo or not. maybe next time you could add a bit more detail. here is my poster and if you like to see what is happeneing in my class check out

    Blog you later!

  2. Hello Rylee, My name is Jonathon i'm from Auckland Point England School, I just came past your school blog then saw this then I thought I would read it, I also commented your friend Paige, Is your school with Papaora Range? I'm guessing you had a hongi?.

    What song did you sing? I'm in the Senior Kapa-Haka for my school the song we usually sing is either "E Ihoa" Or the National Anthem, Please Message me back

    Also check out my blog

    Please check it out.

    Kind Regards,


    (Point England School

  3. Hi Rylee I like that you added all the information I think next time you should put more photos. by Priya


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